We are a close-knit, passionate team who thrive in bringing out the best in each other and the team. As a fast growing startup, we've hand-picked a world-class team of kind, ambitious, generous, and smart humans!

Our culture thrives on transparency, trust, learning, and constant development and improvement. Underpinning the experience are our competitive salaries, and other great benefits.

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Our story

Flagship was founded in 2021 by Simon Molnar whose passion is retail, technology and data. Working closely with a local retailer, Simon identified the lack of data that exists in physical stores - especially in comparison to their online counterparts.

Simon founded Flagship to help retailers unearth data, insights and recommendations for their stores. Our first product, a Visual Merchandising platform, optimises the placement of products across a retailer's store network, creating efficiencies and providing access to previously unavailable data.

With a solid team and an ambitious founder, Flagship is looking for people keen on building a company that makes a genuine impact on the outcomes of our customers and the retail ecosystem. Every person on the team plays a huge role in creating a world where retailers can unleash the full potential of their business.

Open positions

Open Positions

What to Expect

Flexible work

We know that everyone has a life outside of work, and we want to support you in balancing both. Enjoy flexible work arrangements that can accommodate your needs.

Make work fun

There’s no point working hard if you can’t have fun along the way! Work should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. That’s why we don’t take ourselves too seriously nor sweat the small stuff.

Wellbeing days

We believe that our employees' well-being is essential to our success. We know that when you feel your best, you are able to perform your best, and that’s what makes our company thrive. That’s why we offer additional wellbeing days that you can take when you need them.

Small team vibes

We’re more like a family than a team. We like to keep things simple and transparent. There’s no corporate hierarchy or bureaucracy. We want to hear everyone’s voice and we encourage constructive debate as every team member brings their unique skills, experience and perspective.

Innovation and speed

We like to stay at the forefront of technology and push the boundaries to stay ahead. Join a fast-paced environment where your ideas—and hard work— shape the future.

Customer-centric focus

We put customers at the centre of everything we do and know understanding our customers is the key to delivering a quality product.